Dutch sonatines for piano II

Kees Wieringa - piano




Dutch Sonatines for piano II

Kees Wieringa - piano
Do records 006

Producer: Okke Dijkhuizen
Recording: Bert van Dijk
Editing: do records
Piano: Steinway D
Recording location: Muziekcentrum Frits Philips Eindhoven
Recording period: spring 2000
Design: Pi‘tke Visser, South Africa
Manufacture: Precision Disc, Baarn
Distribution: Clavicenter
Translation: Iris Casteren van Cattenburch

Kees Wieringa : "The Sonatina (literally: small Sonata) is a musical form aiming for a maximum expression with minimum means. As a possible consequence of the admiration of Willem Pijper for this form, composers in The Netherlands often adopted it in the beginning of the twentieth century. But also Leon Orthel and Franco Mendes, who had nothing to do with Pijper's school, often practised the genre. My constant quest in libraries and the archives of institutes and musea, yielding a wealth of prominent material, made me decide to realise this edition. The composition of this series is a personal choice. I think this is splendid music, but much too unknown."

"Slumbering is a beautiful thing. Watch a slumbering woman. Or just slumber sweetly, in a soft light sleep, as the dictionary tells. Take care: it is the forerunner of the final end, slumbering in the grave. 'Slumbering' also means: being secretly present, as in slumbering passions. Music can tell about the probable and the promising, and music can slumber, too. I dwell at length in thoughts of all that allegedly lost music (of famous composers). Pieces that must have existed, but have never been found. How many silent scores would the world possess, they are rotting away, in the attic, next to a viola d'amore, completely affected by inky cap, shortly obliterated, and then it is finished, definitively disappeared. It merges into the greater territories, the terra incognita where it came from and feels at home: the silence. But not yet. Still this music exists, what we are waiting for is the eye falling on it. It does not need more. Anything else is possible. How rich is this virtual music library... " (A radio column from Lex Bohlmeyer, pronounced on 26 January 2000 in the radio programme 'A4')


1-3. Lˇon Orthel - Sonatine no. 3 op.28 (1924) (7.44)

4-6. Hans Franco Mendes - Sonatine no. 1 (1923) (10.47)

7-9. Jan van Dijk - Sonatina per pianoforte XII (1969) (4.32)

10-13. Leon Orthel - Sonatina no. 7 op.73 (1975) (9.43)

14 -16. Rosy Wertheim - Sonatine (1918) (7.38)

17-20. Otto Ketting - Sonatina no. 1 (1956) (4.30)

21-23. Tera de Marez Oyens - Sonatine (1963) (10.22)

24-26. Jan van Dijk - Sonatina no. 14 (1969) (2.11)

27-29. Leon Orthel - Sonatine no. 6 op.70 (1974) (6.35)

Total time: 64.11

This CD has come about with the support of: Kersjes van de Groenekanfonds, Evangelische Omroep Hilversum, Do Foundation - Bilthoven.
With thanks to: Board Do Foundation, Centrum Nederlandse Muziek, Haags Gemeentemuseum, Jan Oegema, Moos d'Herripon, Stichting Vrouw en Muziek Amsterdam, Muziekgroep Nederland, Lex Bohlmeyer, Hans Haffmans, Iris Casteren van Cattenburch, and Muziekbibliotheek van de Omroep

Published in the same series:
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With music by Daniel Ruyneman, Willem Pijper, Piet Ketting,
Henk Badings, and Robert de Roos.