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do dance Noem mij maar Boom
een kinderdansvoorstelling van Moos d'Herripon


een kinderdansvoorstelling voor kinderen vanaf 8 jaar dansers: Jarmke Purwani Vendel, Moos d'Herripon. Een indianenjongen komt terecht in een wereld waarin hij niets begrijpt. Hij ontmoet een meisje die hem maar een vreemde jongen vindt. Later worden ze vrienden totdat de indiaan opduikt........

In 1997 the Do Foundation produced a childrens dance- theatre production called Mijn naam is Boom (My name is Tree). The production is meant to be seen through children at the age of six till ten and has had many favourable reviews throughout The Netherlands. The performance is a mixture of dance and theatre, there is no text so it is possible for children abroad, to understand. The piece takes one hour and is performed by two dancers, one of them originally comes from Indonesia. The theme in this play is how to deal with different cultures. An Indian boy finds himself in a western culture. He meets a girl, in the beginning of the play they do not like each other but after a while they become very good friends. The western culture is, opposite as to one would expect not represented by a Dutch person but by an Indonesian dancer.